What you can see

From the roadside Cowbridge Mill looks very much like any other Mill you may have visited but if you think that a visit to Cowbridge Mill will be a brief event, think again.

There is so much to see that most people stay at least a couple of hours and many stay all day. Some come back time and time again!

               We often have internationally renowned blacksmith, Jim Horrobin,                        demonstrating his skills.


     Alternatively you may meet our new young metalworker,

Bella Cole, producing her artistic items. 

We usually have a woodturner demonstrating and selling his wares, in aid of the Mill.

We also have some craft and bric-a -brac items for sale.


 We often have craft demonstrations on site


…and a few items which the kids just love to play with.


Owen has a vast collection of historic items like this Norfolk Wagon.


You may just enjoy reminiscing about the old tools that your grandpa used to use.

The history of Owen’s restoration of the Mill is shown on our noticeboards and you can browse these whilst enjoying a drink and some fabulous home-made cakes made by our village volunteers.

In the original Mill building we have a huge number of vintage machines, either linked to the water wheel or hand operated, which your guides will demonstrate for you.

 The machines range from the massive rack saw bench to the smaller hand operated grinding mills.

All of the working machines have been lovingly restored by our dedicated volunteers.

  We have pedal lathes through to semi-automatic lathes.

Our trained guides will demonstrate many of the vintage machines

…and talk you through the work that still needs to be carried out.


We have vintage agricultural machinery too

     …and a few more modern machines

Our collection is growing all the time, so why not come along and find out

what’s going on at Cowbridge Mill.

You will be amazed at “Somerset’s best kept secret!”